Renegade Hardware ‘From the Vaults’: Konflict – Messiah (Magnetude Remix) / FUTURE CUT – Horns (NC-17 Remix)

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Renegade Hardware is bringing tracks back ‘From The Vaults’ and on this installation we have two of the most iconic selections from the catalog back to back remixed by modern masterminds in drum and bass to revitalize these classics into dance floor weapons for the next generation. NC-17 takes a stylish stab at Future Cut’s “Horns” and Magnetude offers a sonic boost to the beloved “Messiah” in the first drop of the ‘From the Vaults’ series on Renegade Hardware.


An exquisitely voluminous build of bubbly beats sets the mood as the notorious “Horns” burst through, chilling the intro with that classic groove in high anticipation to drop into the tune. Rolling in smooth NC-17 plumps up the “Horns” remix with soft thick beats that crisply caress the essence of the original into the future sounds of drum and bass with a steady pace, energetic fills perfectly placed and a refined deep, booming bass. NC-17’s rendition of “Horns” will engulf the floor with an unforgettable, earth shattering roar!


As “Messiah” has seen some big refits from influential artists like Noisia and Spor in the past undeniably there was no better choice than Magnetude to tackle a fresh, futuristic remix of this track! The integral elements of the original are perfectly intertwined with Magnetude’s moody, booming, cinematic sound to pump volume into the tune while the nostalgic vibe shines through. Perfect flare in every pocket, the thickness doesn’t quit as the intensity heightens with every hit. An innovation of destiny, Magnetude’s version of “Messiah” is colossally refined and smashes through the mix transcending dimensions bringing the old school flavor into a monstrous, modern fit. Be sure to check the second drop for an extra energetic BOOM from Magentude!

Grab these two remixes while they’re hot available now on all major outlets! CLICK HERE


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