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Reprezent Clothing is a apparel line based out of San Francisco, focused on expansion and evolution of the planet through the four elements of hip-hop and consciousness. Beginning in 2004 in what seemed like a day dream, Reprezent began to take shape, and it wasn’t before long that some big names were beginning to take notice.

Keeping true to their vision throughout the last decade-and-a-half, Reprezent remains steady with their original artist and partner, Jimmy Hits, and have also teamed with the Mayan culture in the high mountains of Guatemala to create a new style, entitled Zuvuya – a host of handwoven fabrics to create a special jacket.

The fall line just dropped a week ago, and Reprezent has also been blessed in winning an award for best apparel brand at the Battle of the Brands in Los Angeles. Their designs have been seen at the likes of Lucidity Festival and Stilldream Festival, to name a few.

So if you’re looking to expand your mind, read on –

What is the history of your brand? What does “Reprezent” Clothing mean to you?

As a b-boy since ’96, I was deeply involved in hip-hop culture – a culture dedicated to rocking the four elements with style, whether it be rocking the mic, rocking the floor, rocking the wall, or rocking the beats – To rock with style is where the inspiration took force and self-expression was key. There’s also the fifth element a.k.a. knowledge of self, which is what keeps the essence of culture pure and true. To preserve this element and the culture as a whole has since been my service to mankind. 

The thought to start the brand came about in 2004, I believe, as I was walking through a mall with my younger brother in search of some fresh threads. My go-to and only store which carried underground streetwear brands in the area back then was called Mr. Rags. That store had recently shut down leaving us out of luck for finding anything original and/or meaningful. I thought then, how tired I was of the only options for streetwear being those which rep corporations with only intent for-profit and dulling society. Nothing truly original, minimal meaning or purpose behind the message, or no message at all. 

I wondered ‘why would anyone want to rep this other than being programmed or too comfortable?’ I figured the world could use a brand with a message, with a deeper purpose, something that ignites interest in the true representation of ourselves, our history and our future as individuals and as a community. 

There and then I came up with the name Reprezent. 

I knew it would take some funds and knowledge to get started. My bankroll was slim as a youngster, so I got myself two jobs, lived in my car for six months to save up, and studied everything I could about business, streetwear and fashion. I connected with a brother and insanely great artist, Jimmy Hits, who has blessed the brand with his signature skills and guidance since. The brand would not be what it is today without him. 

In 2006, Reprezent Clothing was launched. For the next 6 years, I built the brand through the underground hip-hop network and community. Through attending many hip-hop jams, throwing b-boy battles, block parties, car shows and sponsoring world-renowned b-boys and legends of hip-hop culture, the brand was established.

In 2012, we re-branded our logo and style and created the merkaba/third eye logo. 

After some game-changing out-of-this-world experiences and learning, it was time to expand the course and lifestyle of Reprezent.

We had a more clear and deeper understanding of why the brand is meant to be what it is and why we do what we do. We switched it up from just doing hip-hop shows and local events to festivals geared toward conscious awakening and power of community – something Reprezent strongly stands behind. 

Reprezent is a messenger of the light. It’s literally like an entity from another dimension here to raise vibrations and heal through art, wisdom, and love. For me to know and feel this and to have the ability to make it happen, leaves me compelled to do so.

Your logo can be seen as the “all-seeing eye” or the eye of ra/horus. What’s the significance of the eye and hexagram/merkabah?

So many wonder about the meaning of the logo. Some assuming it’s the Illuminati, Star of David, etc.. From our perception, the “all-seeing” eye represents our third eye, the one eye that resides within us all. It represents the eye that sees above and beyond the illusion that is put upon us by the elite and corporate media. The eye is placed within the Mer-Ka-Bah star (Light-Spirit-Body). The Merkabah is an ancient symbol, one of sacred geometry, long before Religions or Illuminati ever existed. It is the sacred geometry of the light of our soul, a star tetrahedron of the platonic solids. A light vehicle to higher dimensions. 

This symbol was chosen as a reminder of who we are and where we come from. A reminder of our power as one. 

Through reminding each of a higher truth that resides within us, we aim to elevate the conscience of humanity as a whole, so that each can live to their fullest potential.

What is your mission? What do you aim to bring to the customers and events you market your apparel at?

We aim to bring to our customers quality apparel with a unique style of deeply thought out and curated work, each piece carrying the energy and a message from our source as beings on this planet. We aim to raise the vibrations of each event we attend. To teach and inspire each we come across and to co-create a community where we can truly represent ourselves. We aim to enhance knowledge of self and abundant living for our customers. 

What impact do you believe your brand has on the world?  

I believe our brand has an impact on the world through raising vibrations, as well as unifying and preserving cultures.

In a world that is so dualistic, what do you feel is the key to unifying the planet?

Man, wish I had the answer –

Something that comes to mind is The Law of One – to direct our interest, energy, understanding, and work toward restoring the balance and harmony of Planet Earth, in which then we can raise the frequency of the planet to a much higher vibration – The Vibration of Love as a whole. 

Do you have any new designs in the works? What’s upcoming for Reprezent Clothing?

Yes, we just released our Fall 2019 Streetwear line October 5th. We had a fresh release party with the fam – FreQ Nasty, Ahee, THRPY and some local homies killing the game. 

Our recent Design titles are “Framework”, “CenterPoint”, and “On The Level”.

You can check them out on our website of course at

We are also in the works of our RPRZNT Denim Vest run featuring a limited amount of one-off designs, each combining multiple styles and layers of arts unlike any other. 

Another project and one of my favorite to work on is the Zuvuya line of handwoven, handmade jackets in collaboration with the Maya of the high mountains of Guatemala. These pieces contain fabrics from many Mayan villages around Lake Atitlan and we combine the colors and designs with our own, co-creating a masterpiece of ancient codes combined with our futuristic styles providing balance to the present moment, preserving the ancient ways and beauty of Mayan culture. 

We’re hoping to have our next run of 40 finished jackets and available just before X-mas of this year. Z

If you could have a magick jukebox that had all music from all eras, what ten tracks would be playing on it?

If I had a magic jukebox, it would carry much more than 10 tracks. Here are a few that come to mind off bat –

Play At Your Own Risk- Planet Patrol
Paid in Full- Erick B and Rakim
Juicy- The Notorious BIG 
93 til infinity- Souls of Mischief 
The Mexican- Babe Ruth
Patience- Nas & Damien Marley 
Scar Tissue- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Anthem- Emancipator
Burn Night 2016-Duffrey
DD Live at Cervantes 2013- Desert Dwellers

You won an award at Battle of the Brands. What was that about?

Battle of the Brands was a b-boy jam that took place in LA. A handful of underground streetwear brands were invited and each had their own b-boy to hold it down. The winner received clout and recognition in the game. 

My partner, B-boy Flexum entered for RPRZNT, and we took the win versus Tribal Gear, a brand that has inspired us since the early 90s. 

Do you have anything to add?

Just want to say that not a day goes by that I don’t take time to appreciate every breath of this journey and all who have helped co-create this experience. Feeling beyond blessed for the opportunity. I vow for Reprezent to do our best to bless those who cross our path. 

I’d also like to thank you for the time and opportunity to share my story! 

Check out their gear –


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