Revaux feat. Charli Brix: Colours [Lifestyle Music]

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Tunes

Starting this year off right is the production duo Revaux compromising of Joe & Ru Brooks who are making waves in the Intelligent / Rollers department of Drum and Bass. This hot production team have been making their rounds with a incredibly fat release catalog last year from some of the hottest labels in the scene. Lets take a closer listen of this one.

Colours starts in tone with a soft ambiance before Charli’s voice can be heard with taught percussion backing the sound. Colours winds itself up with the main vocal verse striking thru the mix before gently dropping into a swift and classy movement ever so carefully grooving and maintaining a balanced vibe throughout the main phrase. Revaux’s percussion really takes the tune along with a fat stepping routine with intricate fills and a brilliantly held back but still heavily groovy bass line sweeps along for a all around wonderful experience.

This ones going in the bag for me, a certified classy roller on all parts of the spectrum that is a great DJ tool and extremely versatile!

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