Rido – Microwave Radiation [Blackout NL]

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Tunes

Producer Rido has had some amazing releases in years past and this time around is no different. Drum and Bass label Blackout NL run by the Black Sun Empire boys has been one of the hottest labels in drum and bass as of recent only releasing some of the gnarliest tunes on the market. Rido comes full force with this one…

Taken from Rido’s upcoming ‘Rhythm of life’ Album “Microwave Radiation” is a behemoth force not to be messed with. Starting out the tune white noise is heard with a hard chime in the background, bubbling sound effects can be heard throughout the soundscape the putting the picture of an underwater secret base. The tunes continues to progress with zilching synths making movement to the front as a clicky half time percussion pattern can be heard building tension. Microwave Radiation quickly picks up the past and drops as a vocal sample can be heard. The drop comes bearing heavy weight percussion with a hefty and swinging reese bass pattern. The tune slams into an onslaught of double time percussion throwing quick and precise attacks onto the dance floor. Be sure to tune into the second drop where its switches up into a frenzy of incredibly tactical drum programming and technical synths.

Overall this release features some really creative and picturesque soundscapes in recent past for me. This one is out right now be sure to follow Rido’s upcoming album release out later this month!

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