Rido – Sexy Thing/Response [Blackout Music]

by | Sep 17, 2017 | Tunes

Rido is back for a two-track single on Blackout Music following the release of a sublime debut album on the same label just under a year ago. If you’re on the hunt for a pair of fetching, immaculately-produced danceable tracks, you would do well to cop this release before diving head-first into Rido’s hearty back catalog.

“Sexy Thing” opens with a low fidelity 2-step juxtaposed against strings as it slowly builds, symphonic, droning pads giving way to a smattering of stabs. The track makes heavy use of stabs and reverb, a stylistic choice which reminds me strongly of progressive house. I love how much the elements of the song evolve from beginning to end, in particular the bass— after the percussion kicks in with a deep kick and pitched-up snare, the bass gets increasingly prominent and gritty sounding.

“Response”, a collaboration with Synergy, builds its intro on a dire-sounding harp arpeggio, teasing an envelope-heavy lead synth and thumping bass. The lead and bass drop suddenly with a sick, punchy snare and a whistling, weaving lead synth. The percussion changes up with a cool flutter here and there, particularly at the second drop. This tune doesn’t evolve in the way that its sister track does, because it doesn’t need it; it has a gnarly, stomping energy about it which compliments the other perfectly.

This is a great release with two sides that really complement each other, both of which are quite dancefloor-friendly, yet not without sophistication. If you find yourself enjoying both tracks, and you haven’t already, be sure to check out Rido’s other releases on Blackout Music, not the least of which his 2016 album Rhythm Of Life.

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