Rinse Out! A Chat with Blaine Stranger

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Today we get to have a chat with one of my favorite up and comers in the Dancefloor Drum and Bass scene. Blaine Stranger hailing from down under has recently been signed to the mighty Viper Recordings cranking out some serious heat in the dance.  Lets dive into the chat.

How long have you been producing music for and what are some early influences that got you in to producing high energy drum and bass? What are your main influences now compared to when you first started or are they the same?

I’ve  been producing for six years now!  I started out by producing a little dubstep but mostly house music.  I’d say some of my biggest dnb production influences were Netsky, Pendulum and Noisia.  These days I’m mostly influenced by music outside of drum & bass, which I think is natural progression for a lot of artists… You kind of learn the ropes of a particular genre and then bring in external influences to craft your own sound!
What type of music do you listen to on your downtime or just hanging out?
Absolutely anything!  Recently I’ve been listening to lots of Kurt Vile, Tool, Solar Fields and Royal Blood.
Favorite Plugins/Hardware your feeling at the moment
Recently got my hands on the Audient iD14, would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new audio interface, fabulous piece of kit.  In regards to plugins, i’m all about the Fabfilter bundle, a bunch of things in there are my go-to’s. Also loving Serum and the Korg M1 for all my quirky instrument bits!
What’s your favorite food?
Who are some of your favorite artists in the drum and bass realm?
Kove, Dimension, Metrik, Shockone and S.P.Y to name a few!
I hope to continue hearing the progression of excellence of Mr Strangers tunes as Viper rolls em out into the future! Stay tuned to Best Drum and Bass for more coverage of Blaine Stranger in the future. Blaine’s latest single Get Down / Mesmerize is out now on Viper Recordings. Give it a listen here!

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