Rizzle – Placid EP [Overview Music]

by | Aug 16, 2020 | Tunes

If there is one label I immediately think of when I’m in the mood to snag some deep cuts, it is most definitely Overview Music. Overview this week has brought us a delectable EP from the very talented from the UK native Rizzle. Almost a year since his first release with Nami Ongaku, Rizzle returns with his first solo release in spectacular fashion.  Rizzle continues to push the limits with Placid EP, which is anything but placid.

Opening up the EP with the title track, Placid sets the stage with deep earthy vibes. With intro filled with space-aged soundscapes, this tune simply rolls deep. Sometimes the best things in life are are the simplest. Rizzle sets a solid framework with strong drums with a nice thick dick and a needle-like a snare that holds the track together. Overtime the artifacts of the echo the snare adds to the interstellar vibe that mixes perfectly with warm bass that fills out the bottom end. As with the title of the EP, this tune is anything but Placid.

Switching things up, we go for a more soulful vibe from Let You Go. If one word could describe this song it would “dreamlike”. It’s that perfect mix of those dreamy soundscapes and classic synths found at the beginning of the track that setups the rolling bass and soul synths. Bringing this all together are pristine vocals that tie the 2 elements of this track together: heartfelt feeling and top-notch processing and synthesis.

As if sticking to the theme, Rizzle’s top-notch production is found in Outlook. It is here we see his distant taste in sound design. Nestled on top of fast-paced drums and a heavy bass topped with a reese bass is a cornucopia of production delights. Between fluttering synths, filtered and desaturated sounds, stunning arpeggios, and the excellent use of reverb, it’s clear the Outlook on Rizzle’s career in drum and bass looks good.

It seems to me personally though that phrase “the best for last” takes the cake here when talking about Essence. There an element of just tightly tuned production that is found in the simplicity of this track that gives this track such great flare. But still, there’s complexity woven within the track with the bass and kicks woven together to give the track a very jumpy feel to it while retaining its minimal vibe. If for some reason you are insane enough to not purchase this whole release, you will be happy to know Essence is free to download from the Overview Music Soundcloud.

Rizzle takes the cake with his first solo release on Overview Music. With a fresh sound and skillful production, he knocks it straight out of the park. Receiving praise from other tastemakers across the spectrum such as Ed Rush, Levela, Kyrist, DJ Marky, Chris SU, and Total Science, this is absolutely an EP you have to get.


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