robbyt – Airman [Seminal Sounds]

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Tunes

Back in 2013, the folks at Seminal Sounds got together and started to discuss the ever changing and growing world that is Drum and Bass / Jungle music. In a time when everyone is starting a label, how do you make it all work and make sure you do not get lost in all the background noise and minutia of it all. To them, the answer was simple, only release quality music, with quality production. Focus on quality over quantity. They were not as worried about if the artists they liked were popular or chart toppers. They only care about well-made, original drum and bass music, and everything else will sort it self out. Now we are at the end part of 2016 and Seminal Sounds has just released its 7th outing, a four track EP from robbyt.

Each song on the EP has its own flavor and sound, but sounds perfectly in order with the other tracks, making for a comprehensive, complete offering. If I had to pick a favorite from the four, I would have to go with “Airman”. It’s a nice slice of tech funk that will get any dance floor moving. It has a great two step break with pad sweeps moving behind it, call and response bass and synth patterns, and great percussive edits to keep your toes tapping and head nodding a plenty.

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