Rolfey – Natural Process / The Unknown [STAT]

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Tunes

If sound was medicine, Dr. Rolfey is working double over-time filling out prescriptions of healthy drum and bass music. This is that waterfront, rooftop session composition. That ‘I’m relaxing, no time for elbows, maintain the peace kind of soul food music‘. Rolfey on the relatively new digital STAT. Records with a two track EP that will leave you replaying for days.

Natural Process

The artwork for this release accurately depicts the sound it is trying to portray. Rolfey with the sunshine blue skies feel trip with ‘Natural Process’ is the one tune from this release I cannot stop replaying. The perfect mixdowns, the perfect syncopation of beats. This is as gentle as the floating bag blowing in the wind from the movie ‘American Beauty’. This track alone is worth the purchase.

The Unknown

This tune is so lush, but it has this type of aggressive ambiance. The type of high speed late night big city cruising roller to keep your body moving. Such an outer space trip, I can’t get enough. I don’t really venture off the beaten path but anything that rolls has my attention hopefully it has yours. Be sure to grab this release on every major digital distributor or simply clicking the buy link on the previews. If you dig what Rolfey or the boys and girls are doing over at STAT. Records leave an honest review down below!

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