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by | Aug 5, 2019 | Tunes

Coming in with some serious heat this week is RowpiecesHott Stuff” EP. The Munich funkmaster brings to the table 4 new tracks which have been sitting in his vaults for some time. Needless to say, “Hott Stuff” is an apt title for this EP from the craft master who is no amateur when it comes to Drum and Bass and other dance genres.

Opening up the EP is the absolute ride of a track “Between You and Me“. The track starts with a nice long build with a groovy drumline and awe-inspiring vocals. Then the track slams into a rolling bassline garnished with vibey synths which build as the track rolls on. Between you and me, (pun intended) this has been one of my favorite tunes to play while on the decks.


Are You Brainwashed?” certainly ask the question if you are in a trance with this enchanting track. Complete with fast drums and hypnotic chords, this track brings out that classic Drum and Bass/Jungle vibe with modern sensibilities.


We then come to the absolute stomper of a track “Rock the House“. Starting with a stuttered kick laced throughout the whole track, the intro builds with classic synths and smooth pads. Then everything kicks off, with vibey synths from the late 90s and crips breaks over that rocking kick pattern.


Finally, we come to my favorite track of the EP: “Transformation of Mankind“. The track starts off with fast drums and jazzy synths before launching in with a little jazzy brass. But as the track continues to roll on, the track transforms with added synths building upon the tracks. The end result leads to a wonderful track with energy and groovy vibes that makes you want to let the track ride out to the end.


Overall, the “Hott Stuff” EP is a must-have for any listener of Drum and Bass. Much like all of Rowpieces work, each track is full of soul and funky vibes alongside classic Drum and Bass/Jungle vibes. With only a few days of summer remaining, this EP is the perfect way to insert some funky vibes into your car ride to your next party or in the middle of your next set.

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