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by | Jan 15, 2024 | Tunes

Hey guys!  It’s time for some more D-LiQ Records!  It’s been a minute but Neville G’s label has brought us something from the mighty Russ T.  

Russ T’s early musical influences included listening to the street series electro volumes, hip hop and 80s soul before moving onto the the acid house scene in the late 80’s. After that Russ T was introduced to the rave scene by the sounds from pirate radio stations such as Fantasy, Pulse and Defection 89.4 and influenced by the likes of DJ Hype, Eclipse and Mixmaster Max. Russ T purchased his first set of Technics in early 91 and by the middle of 92 was fortunate to play a few times on pirate radio when rave music was in a transitional period and Jungle/DNB really started to come onto the scene.

Russ T gave up the decks in 94 but never stopped listening to the ever evolving sounds of DNB and Jungle. After a long hiatus which included a move to Australia in 2010, Russ T’s love of the music still remained. It was at this time Russ T purchased some decks and continued his passion for mixing DNB and Jungle. Times and pirate radio have changed, there was no more need to travel to Nightingale Estate in Clapham to play on a pirate radio station, this could now be done online via online broadcasting. Russ T has been fortunate enough to play on Sunrise FM, DNB Radio and now Eruptionradio.

Whilst continuing to play on radio his love and passion has turned to music production. Russ T finds his production inspiration from all genres of DNB. Every bit of free time is now spent creating new beats and soundscapes for new music.

So first up on this release is the title track “Dreamer” which starts out with a really cool beat and then builds to a wicked drop that has a smooth and deep bass line and some awesome sampling that gives an impression of a mystical forest in my mind.  A dreamy title, a dreamy track and a beautiful piece of music.  It’s got a real old school flavour to it while broadcasting some modern techniques and crisp sounds.

Next up is “You’re Not There” which immediately gives you some wicked jazzy vibes which you could almost be listening to in a small continental cafe.  With layered vocals on the intro which lead you through to a wicked drop that has some beautiful vocal talent whichs provides you with serenity and calm.  This is a big track, they both are on this release.  

So two tracks which are completely different but give you equally as much joy from listening have been meticulously produced to a really high standard.  Great work from Russ T here!

This one is out January 17th 2024 and click the artwork below to take you to the D-LiQ Beatport page to grab yourself a copy on release day.


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Absolute D&B nut! Love any type of Drum & Bass really but Neuro is my main passion. I got into D&B back in around 2004 where I started going raving, I then discovered heavier D&B in the form of Renegade Hardware nights in London which I attended almost every one for several years. Having developed my listening style with how the music has evolved I love the freshest tunes as well as the old ones! I've been mixing for fun since around 2005 and just love playing in front of people and sharing the music with likeminded people.