Rusty K – Frozen Heart [Close 2 Death Recordings]


Rusty K’s ‘Frozen Heart’ is exactly the type of song you’d expect the entire Drum and Bass community to be talking about, and that’s going to be no exception here.  There’s a reason this song has had so much hype up to its July 27th Beatport release and that’s because it’s damn good.  Following his highly creative take on the Teddy Killerz ‘Countdown’ a few weeks back, he continues his cinematic assault on Drum and Bass with ‘Frozen Heart’ and it’s masterful.  The song opens up with a haunting melody played from what sounds to be a music box and piano, coupled by feint footsteps, and the occasional door opening sound effect.  It’s extremely reminiscent to the intro of Receptor’s 2011 track ‘Lullaby’.  The track does end up quickly finding its own beautiful uniqueness though.  With deep strings, a powerful chord progression, and background opera vocals; this song transforms into a cinematic masterpiece.  Wasting no time a hi-passed beat sneaks in and the song stops.  A clean synth plays out like something slowly cracking its way out of a frozen lake, and before you know it, the song explodes into something massive.  The drums are powerful, the bass is clean, and the synth that once emerged from my metaphorical lake is now on a rampage.  The music box eventually finds its way back into the song, and even the dark opera vocals.   It’s a really well thought out piece of music and paints a seriously dark picture.

I give the track an 8.5/10 and highly suggest you go out and support creative artists like Rusty K and labels like Close 2 Death.

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