Ryaudio – County Line EP


I’ve had another opportunity to review a release on Neville G’s D-LiQ Records, this time from Ryaudio with the name County Line.

First up we have a track called Where We Meet.  A nice and muted intro with some stunning sampling over the top and vocals which lead you to an awesome mood immediately.  Like the track title suggests, you could be on your way to meet an old friend at night after all these lockdown restrictions, with an uplifting but slightly tense mood.  The drop is no different which hits you with an emotional majesty driving you closer and closer to see that friend but keeping that tension which you might experience if it’s your first proper trip out in some time.  A beautiful track which deserves air time.

Next up the title track, County Line.  It has a cool 70’s vibe to it that could be on a sea front in Miami with the sun setting in the background.  With a really subtle drop, it is a rather downtempo, chilled affair which really relaxes you and smoothly takes you to another place.  Maybe a nice slow jog along the beach with this in your headphones would really separate you from reality and allow you to find peace with your inner soul.

Another track now, this time The Prayer, has a muted beat which taps along through the intro with a soft bassy kick and snappy snare.  The drop has a vocal which says “The Lord is my Shepherd” as it produces a lovely synth.  The beat rolls on taking you to another section of the tune that fills your ears with some extra sampling.  Before the breakdown, you get some 80’s style stabs and the second drop brings in the crescendo of instruments again.  A wonderful tune right here, makes you hear all of Ryaudio’s influences in one place.

the final track, Make My Day starts off with a kind of sitar instrument, or steel guitar which gives this tune something interesting from the outset.  An upbeat vocal giving you the name of the track then takes over which gets you bobbing straight away, then another deeper guitar sample comes in, which helps bring you some bass.  The drop is awesome, bringing that first instrument back in and the vocal which compliment each other so well.  A perfectly executed tune which is produced exceptionally and probably my favourite from this excellent release.

A cracking EP from Ryaudio on D-LiQ showcasing his many talents as a producer.  Watch out for more from him!

You can get your hands on this brilliant release on 19th July 2021


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