S9 ‘Ternion/Turn It Up’ [DeVice]

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Reviews, Tunes

Earlier this year DeVice gave us a taste of what S9 has to offer with the single “Get It Right” that was bursting with smooth, uplifting fluid vibes. Now S9 is back with two fresh new tracks “Ternion” and “Turn It Up”, each track unique it its own right as S9 displays diversity in production delivering some serious stompers on DeVice. Let’s take a closer look at the tracks!

Atmospheric effects and warm pads set “Ternion” in motion as the strings harmonize, constructing the melody through the build leading into an energetic beat to get the energy on the rise. The drop welcomes groovy basslines that growl through the measures following the lead of the symphonic intro, breaking and bending for serious snares and wicked fills to join the mix. Creative construction of “Ternion” flips the bars into a bouncier bassline that whips the vibe every which way with deep, subsonic sounds as the percussion punches through this thick, masterful blend.

“Turn It Up” eases in with soft synths that spiral through the build multiplying the momentum as they morph and twist amidst soft beats caressing the dance floor vibe that’s bubbling over and ready to burst. A slick vocal sample sets up the drop with style as the track is about to shatter the sound waves and twist the floor into a fury. Horns blaze a snazzy tune as the bass erupts beneath, seething thick and electrifying amidst clean, calculated beats. With a flip of the script “Turn It Up” boosts into overdrive with a thunderous enhancement to the vibe. The second drop is absolute insanity as the bass rolls spinning, snarling and flexing to steal the show. Exciting and funky S9 hit the spot with this uniquely animated tune.

Grab your copy of S9’s “Ternion” and “Turn It Up” out now on DeVice. 


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