SAli – A Few Steps to Insanity [Affliction Audio AFA008]


Another new one for me, a Czech artist who has released on Empire Recordings, BNC Express and Next:Gen Audio going by the name of SAli.  What you can expect from this EP is straight up heat. I feel that I can stop this review here to be honest because that’s all you need to know but I’ll continue. 

The first track is named ‘Confusion’ and starts with an intergalactic sounding intro which adds heaps of atmosphere and lets you begin to know immediately you’re in for a rough ride.  The drop builds out of nowhere and into a stomper of a neuro track that leads with a heavy hand and one of my favourite heavy hitting snares which I don’t think you hear enough of these days, it going back to about 6 or 7 years ago but producers take note, we want more of these, well done SAli! 

The next track ‘MindFunk’ which I recently put in one of my promo mixes is an incredibly interesting track.  Another atmospheric intro with a wicked bass line to take you to the drop which hits you with some awesome synths and some offbeat drums which are oh so rhythmical. What an excellent track and very distinguishable in a double drop when mixing.  It definitely has some old skool flavours about it, almost harking back to 90’s rave music.  This tune has everything, what an absolute beast.

Track 3 features Lifesize MC where he comes in to a half time beat on the intro which has a pounding bass line which then changes to a building beat to get you to the drop, and what a drop! Had to stop myself swearing then as this tune is a monster, a sewer dwelling, eats everything on sight monster. That beastly snare is back but with even more impact and rolling kick drum and nasty nasty reece that just rips your face off.  I absolutely love this track and cannot wait to drop it into my next set.

The final track ‘Sweet Madness’ has a stomping militant intro but again with that perfect atmosphere, SAli really knows what he’s doing with his intros.  This tune has that sexy snare again but this time a little more muted as the tune is a more relaxed roller but still maintaining that heaviness which I’ve grown to love.  

Lets all sit and wait to hear more from SAli, because with this EP, I don’t want to listen to any more DNB until I hear more SAli. 

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