Saltee ‘Gods & Heathens Ft.Relyt MC/Cirith Ungol’ [Hybrid Blak]


Check out what’s fresh on the genre bending label Hybrid Blak. A powerful pair of tracks comes from Denver (USA) based artist Saltee who seems to have a knack for melding heavy metal madness into a modernized drum and bass style that’s worthy of some serious attention as these tunes are set to shake the floor into a frenzy. Time to dive inside and see what Saltee’s “Gods & Heathens” and “Cirith Ungol” have in store.

“Gods & Heathens” featuring MC Relyt busts in with raging rhythms paired with a sleek piano piece to get things moving right off the bat. The melody dips and dives through the octaves with sly serenity and the vocal cuts are a perfect touch to enhance the contrast of the build. Smooth, rolling rhythms fly through the measures at the drop with a tinge of jungle influence riding in the background as MC Relyt’s verse spits, hit after hit while the keys maintain the softness in the blend. The lyrics lash out with authority, deeply emotional, profoundly precise and the bass design is thick while allowing the composition to breathe amidst growling screams that fuse dangerous vibes this hybrid style. “Gods & Heathens” from Saltee is a beautifully balanced track utilizing intelligent sound design making it a lot of fun to mix!

“Cirith Ungol” winds and weaves through the build swerving in on searing synths as the rhythm builds among a symphony of severity bubbling toward the drop. The bass growls, violently bellowing through the beats as the melodies sneak through the darkness, penetrating the breaks amidst that booming bassline trembling forcefully through the measures as it cries in reply. Potent drums beat aggressively as the effects pop beckoning the influence of genres outside of drum and bass to breed a fierce new evolution of the freshest design. Saltee’s twist on drum and bass is sure to melt some face, a sure fire pick to liven up your mix or force the floor to submission “Cirith Ungol” is pushing the new wave of bad boy dnb sound!

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