Saxxon – Bad A.I. EP [Digital Terror]

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Something technological about this forthcoming Jungle Drum And Bass release from Digital Terror Recordings digital imprint and with none other than Saxxon music. DTR is really trying to set themselves a part from the trend setters. Bringing raw and uncut selections from some of the most underrated producers in the game. Like one of the first times Digital Terror reached out was to big up Stompz in this interview and Solix shortly there after. So to be able to speak about Saxxon’s music is an absolute honor.

BAD AI – DTR069 – Digital Terror Recordings

Orient Express – DTR069 – Digital Terror Recordings

“Bad AI” has a little bit of everything, I’m talking about the tune and the EP. The tune itself is a techy neuro-esk jungle roller. Just big drum big bass business, with all the bleeps and bloops intact. The same tins and shakers can be heard across the EP, “Orient Express” is no stranger to the subject. Jungle Techno at its finest, whole hearty stabs on the drops. The Bleeps and bloops are strong with this production. The vocoded bars from Mr. Multiplex compliment the extra jungly roller that is “Counteract”. Where “Bad” was just on the harder side of things, “Orient” on the techno bender. The tune with Mr. Multiplex is pure dance floor material, I can not keep track of all the sounds I am hearing to be able to adequately describe the tune in its fullest. It is bloodclart Jungle Techno. Wrapping this story telling extended play off on a darker note, this grimm jungle roller with Jimmy Danger called “Drop Down Low” and if you were looking for a little diversity the two together have done just that. Its down low basslines and just as low frequency synths complete Saxxon‘s release on Digital Terror Recordings and should be able to complete your rekordbox playlists in at least three separate sub genres as well on June 29th.

Counteract feat. Mr. Multiplex – DTR069 – Digital Terror Recordings

Drop Down Low feat. Jimmy Danger – DTR069 – Digital Terror Recordings

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