Saxxon & Carasel MC – Feel The Force (Alligator) [Ram Records]


Beware… Alligator Crossing Ahead

If you’re a junglist, the number of tunes put out by Saxxon this year has got to be on the list of the upsides of this long, uncertain year. The second half of the decade of 2020 especially has been busy, busy, busy for Saxxon. After his punchy remix of Euphonique’s ‘Damage’ in June, a two-track single release on newcomer USDnB label Boomslang Recordings in September, five-tune EP on the mighty V Recordings last month, in addition to his Black Friday Dub-a-thon that sent his fans scrambling to get to their emails, this ultimate selector has teamed up with Bristol-based Carasel MC and leveled their sights on the indomitable Ram Records with ‘Feel The Force (Alligator)’.

By far the grimiest track from this selector this year, the track starts off dark… menacing. Like the soundtrack to the scene in a video game right before the final swamp boss emerges from the murky shadows, snarling and poised to rip you to absolute shreds, preparing you for what lies ahead in this back breaker of a tune. Carasel insinuates the danger as his lyrics imply, his energetic bars kicking in the door as it weaves its way in and out of broken beats like vapor. With snares that snap like the jaws of an alligator while the bassline grows from simmering to a full boil. By the time the second drop rolls around, it is teetering on the edge between jungle and a vibe reminiscent of mid-2000’s tech. This track is a no holds bar cacophony of steppy breakbeats, crunchy synths, and a bassline that will incinerate the raver. This track will be a “force” to be reckoned with on a wall of speakers. Damnit I can’t wait for that. 

You can find this latest from the ones like Saxxon and Carasel on the final installation of the  ‘Ram Rave’ EP series. The compilation also includes tracks from Smooth, ZeroZero, Prestige, and more.  ‘Feel The Force’ and the remaining 11 tracks across this Friday, December 4th on Ram Records across all platforms. You can grab your copy here!

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