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INCOMING DOPENESS: Straight from the Mitten.

SB1 just dropped a new flaming hot EP, Killer. Via Speedballone Records from his dojo in the midst of Motown aka The Motor City Detroit, Michigan. A place that has had well over three decades of drum and bass and junglist heritage driving the subterraneous Michigan music scene. Home of prolific labels such as Rewind Recs, AGN7 Audio, & Feed The Machine.

Continuing a legacy, SB1 comes cross with over 20 releases on his own imprint. This EP has his skill set as a ever growing producer on full display. This EP pulls from multiple sub genres in dnb that are revisiting and redefining a new movement in jungle music. We get four distinctly different pieces here. A Classic wobbler, a nu skool dutty foghorn blaster, a jump up dance floor crusher, and modern take on a post punk dnb styled jammer.


Detroit Junglists straight up comes in hype AF, and full of all sorts of nastiness. Laced up with a straight forward drum track to get you bouncing. Weaving subtle amens in and out of the transitions. Slaying the upper crust of the tune with a plethora of risers and speaker tearing bass lines that seem to come from every direction. This tune is pretty straight forward, but relentless. This will definitely be an anthem track for all of the D-town homies from Hamtramck to Rockwood.


Live and Direct cranks up the pace. This is the dance floor jump-up tune on this album that pull your hands out of your pockets and gets the gun fingers in the oxygen. It kicks us in with a classical sounding string melody. Very reminiscent of of old Peshay/ Aphrodite mixed with newer Lion Dub Int. productions. The baselines stay within the higher register of frequencies, giving us a ‘happier’ vibe. Kind of inviting you into the next chapter of this EP.


The title track of this release, Killer, straight bodies you off the jump. We get a calming breathe of air with drone like risers, cymbal swells, and lazer shots. Then we fade to nothing, and BOOM!!! In comes the bass, wobbling like an old drunk uncle at a family reunion. This is such a well done adaptation of the foundations of mid nineties jungle. Tracks like ‘Truly One’ on RAM or the like of Brockie roller via infamous Undiluted Records.


Closing out this EP is ‘After Hours’. A hoppin synth heavy ode’ to what I feel is an ever growing nod to a drum and bass version of 80’s post punk. If bands like Berlin and New Order were making dnb today. This is what I think it would be. The drums are tight, but not too complex. There are a variety of synth layers that take us from ambience, straight into the eye of the sun. A very discordant juno sounding key line is the driving force. This tune reminds me of the Alora remix of ‘Breathe’ by Murdock. Which is pretty tasty as well.


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