SCAR featuring Visionobi- Skank Demon [Dispatch Recordings]

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Tunes

I find it is always a good day when you have new music from Dispatch Recordings to play. It is with out a doubt one of the most consistent and focused labels that has one of the most solid catalogs and stables in Drum and Bass. This newest release from SCAR is a perfect example of why they are one of those top labels.

Skank Demon starts out with those other worldly sci-fi atmospherics SCAR does so well and vocal snippets courtesy of Visionobi that is followed up by a striped down stepper break and mid range bass stabs. These are paired against sounds of a haunting droned out horns that seem to call you to the dance floor from a far off planet. Visionobi comes back in with a few quick verses before the main drop hits and the song rolls out from there with more distorted mid range stabs, the haunting horns, and a minimal break that has room and space to move around in. This one is as much for the head nodding crew as it is the dance floor. If you enjoyed ‘Call to Arms’ from SCAR, then this one will get your juices going as well.

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