The Science – The Sea & I // Lockjaw Remix (MethLab)

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Tunes

Methlab Recordings is back bringing some of the most cinematic and beautiful pieces of sound onto the table. This time around Production mastermind lockjaw steps up to the plate to bring a fresh remix. The Science brings chilling electronica from their collective in Bulgaria. The Sea & I is their latest release on Methlab bringing chilling sounds and fresh sonic wizardry to their audience. Some of Europe’s greatest audio craftsmen join forces on this remix EP and today were checking out Lockjaw’s contribution.

The Remix sets the tone with chilling and atmospheric cyberpunk like sounds whilst lockjaws signature percussion can be heard filtering its way into the forefront. Soft and chilling vocals resonate whimsically across a cold backdrop before the tune breaks into a pause of cold and melancholy synths  before a second addition of powerful vocals come back into play. The tune stops time in its tracks as it drops into a world of carefully stepping percussion patterns matching with soft stricken tones of a piano briefly adding touches of elegance. Gritty yet conserved bass can be heard non chalantly grinding their way across the soundscape.

This one for me is a lovely listening bit or for the more eclectic choice of selection in a dj set. The Sea & I Remixes are certainly something you need to indulge your ears upon. Coming soon on Methlab Recordings.

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