Scout 22 “Cybernetic Synthetic & Remixes” [Druid Records]

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Reviews, Tunes

Something from the darker side of drum and bass is coming from Druid Records, the Scout 22 ‘Cybernetic Synthetic & Remixes’. Comprised of Scout 22’s original mix and two dangerous refits from Barbarix and Dunk respectively there’s no doubt “Cybernetic Synthetic” has the diversity to fit the mood of any mix.

The original mix of “Cybernetic Synthetic” lays the groundwork for greatness providing monstrous, mutant sounds purring through the intro as the fx come to life synthesizing the build. A demonic vocal sample completes the mood as the bass bounds in through a quick snap to the drop. Dutty basslines roll beneath solid beats as the samples weave through the measures echoing as they’re cut and chopped to intensify the sound design.

Dunk’s remix of “Cybernetic Synthetic” utilizes familiarity in the samples to introduce the rhythm, flipping the script with a spicy refix as he livens up the beat. Dropping into a minimal 1-2 rhythm enhanced with smooth fills and clean breaks this version of “Cybernetic Synthetic” is a bit heavier on the mechanical effects manipulated into a more electrified flow.

Wrapping things up with the Barbarix remix of “Cybernetic Synthetic” he’s definitely taken this one up a notch with his experimental sound, masterfully manipulating the stems creating more suspense in the build with a deeper, more dangerous drop. The bassline bounces and winds riddled with big breaks, killer use of the effects and fills to create rhythmic harmony throughout the track.

Two killer twists on Scout 22’s foundation of “Cybernetic Synthetic”, which version hits hardest for you? Let us know in the comments below and pre-order your copy of ‘Cybernetic Synthetic & Remixes’ on Druid Records November 30, 2020. 



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