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by | Nov 16, 2023 | Spotlight, Tunes

Howdy DnB heads!  We have this week, a new release from the mighty Dirtbox Recordings and this one is in the shape of a naughty EP by Scout 22.  This is the penultimate release from Dirtbox in 2023 and what a killer one to almost end on!  

Scout 22 has had releases on Eatbrain Dispatch and his own imprint Shadownet so you may well have heard of him already 😉

First up on the EP is a track called Atomic which I have been dropping in my sets because it is absolutely sick!  It’s got sirens warning you of impending doom and dirty bass lines and heavy drum beats.  Absolute filth from start to finish.  

Next up is the title track Great Beasts which you can tell almost immediately that is going to be nasty and heavy and you wouldn’t be wrong.  A real stomper of a tune that has a distorted heavy bassline which feels like a magnet pulling your head around into a nod.  Disgusting track.

The next track is Hold the Light which has a kind of euphoric intro and leads you through a beautiful journey that then rolls you into a really cool track that is full of distortion and synthesised melody.  Defintely one to drop and let people groove to.

The 4th track is The Banished – this one has a title that tells you a story before you even press play.  With an intro that feels truly terrifying, reminds me of old Barcode releases.  The drop is just utter filth with some seriously nasty production that gets you moshing with your own brain.  A force not to be reckoned with.

Lastly we have a track called The Heavy which is exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s got a fairly old skool techy vibe to it with modern production techniques that really work and keep your interest.  What a banger of a track.

What I love about this EP is that every track is different and it showcases Scout 22’s production skills off beautifully.  Really impressed with this one and you should be too so go right ahead and buy it!  The EP is out on November 20th 2023. Click the artwork below to take you to the pre-save page:



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