Screamarts – Feral EP (Eatbrain)

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Screamarts is an artist from Vienna, Austria that I have covered a number of times, including an exclusive interview about his love and passion for drum n bass. With releases on labels such as Dispatch, Blackout and Delta 9 and his own imprint Symbiotik he is back with a bang on the legendary neurofunk label Eatbrain with his EP entitled Feral. Lets take a look at it now.

The title track Feral starts with a huge impact and a hint of chopped vocal, gradually accompanied by some dark and foreboding atmospheric ideas. This gives way to a crunchy, clap based break. which builds really nicely into a 4 to the floor beat. It’s techy and kind of disgusting in a good way! The bass is  pretty refined and mostly sub orientated with some crunchy reese thrown in for good effect. The odd bass stab chimes in nicely and this builds into a number of cool ideas before unleashing into a more traditional dnb beat.  The bass moves all over the shot, with a massive dark sub line and some pretty straight drums. Despite the straight drums there is a ton of swing and groove created by the bassline. It builds into a really cool tune complete with lots of mysterious fx sounds.

We work our way into a cool mid break, which drops into a really huge steppy bass and drum rhythm which really drives through the tune at perfect pace. By this point your brain should have melted nicely as we roll to the end section. A quality piece of programming and lots of cool production ideas and very cool synth work on display as we have come to expect from Screamarts.

The second tune on the EP again starts with some nice melodically themed darkness and some building stabs and female vocal. This leads us into some really dark and wet sounding bass work which progresses into a tight build and through to a really dirty drop. This will get those bass faces gurning and the heads rolling in the dancefloor nicely. The drums are super tight with snares that cut through nicely and a cool bassline. The next break has a great vibe and builds back into the heavy bassline sound. The techy nature of the tune remains the same but with lots of variations and drum edits to compliment the wild bass sounds.

It’s super fresh and dope as hell. The final breakdown comes down nicely to create a great dynamic, before dropping into a real tight and groove laiden piece of dnb. The bassline is raspy and dirty as you can imagine. The drums pop nicely and the current value influence synth work sits well with the odd dreamy vocal hit.

On The Other Side
Before even listening to this tune I was expecting big things as it is a collab with one of my favourite power groups Burr Oak. The intro starts massive as expected. Foreboding, dark, mystical synths bang through the speakers and drive us into some orchestral drum work before a really cool synth guides us through into a war like vocal before building into a superbly heavy drop. The bass is absolutely huge and screeches through the atmosphere, with these super tight poppy drums and lots of cool fxs. The tune evolves really nicely into some of the intro ideas before building into a really wobbly drop which really will destroy the dancefloor. Trust me on this, it’s an absolute nan puncher of the highest order.

I got to say this is huge beyond belief and really demonstrates the levels that can be reached with new age production. I’m sure it will have a lot of producers crying into their keyboards wondering just how this sonic mastery can be reached. Everything sits so nicely and is pushed to the maximum but still retaining those all important dynamics and lots of poise and swagger. A massive effort from the lads!

The Thing
The final tune of the EP begins with some lovely drums and airy pads before working in some wide and epically themed bass work. It fires out of the speakers like a tornado landing on your house. The bass sounds are magnificently revolting and whirl around creating this heavy distorted presence that really hits you hard. The drums are typically tight and pound through nicely. We go into a more chilled break before erupting back into a wild bass heavy drop.

The drums compliment nicely but this tune is all about the bass. There are some nice fx ideas and a bit of pad work, but it is the bass that really drives the soul of the tune. It’s super massive and rolls around with thunderous intent. Another banging tune completing what is a really fantastic EP. Highly recommend listening to this and adding it to your playlists and dj collections.

Check out the EP below

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