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I am very happy to say that I caught up with Austrian producer Screamarts to talk about life and music. With releases on labels like Blackout, Dispatch, Delta 9 and Eatbrain, Screamarts is fast becoming an important and respected producer in the scene. 

Introduce yourself and tell us about yourself?

Marv from Screamarts here. I’m a 26 year old producer from Austria. Based in Vienna now. I started producing when I was 16 years old. Even though the first few years were nothing serious and I just played around with Logic 9 and made some music from stock plugins and samples that I had on my mac that I bought off my father who had a music studio.

After a while I started messing around with Native Instruments, Massive and bought sample packs etc. That’s where it really started to go someplace. I still owe a lots of my knowledge to friends like Manta through his collab sessions and his insights he got from university. Artists like Missin for showing me some tricks and of course years of exploration of sound, synthesizers and so on.

Where did you get your name from?

My name stems from my graffiti background. In Salzburg, the town where I grew up, a group of friends and I did some graffiti. While I was always the most casual out of all of them I did get the idea for the name “Scream” in these times. After a while I was confident enough to make a social media page called Screamarts or the art of Scream or something of the sorts and that’s how Screamarts became a thing. I used this name in graffiti as well as music. I had a few other aliases before as well like Marv Screamarts.

Who is your favourite non dnb artist?

That is a pretty  tough question. I love Koan Sound but they also do dnb. I like Flume, Jon Hopkins and Lorn a lot as well and I listen to a lot of Japanese jazz from the seventies. I find the 70’s a very interesting time for music anyway.  I love almost all music that has a rhodes style electric piano in it playing jazz chords and so on. On the other hand a big inspiration in my music is early Linkin Park, the Gorillaz and many more. I find myself listening to relaxed stuff more than the heavy stuff I often produce. I do however like Mick Gordon and his soundtracks, especially DOOM 2016 and Doom Eternal, so I basically listen to everything that inspires me in some way.

What was your first experience with dnb like?

I think my first introduction was at a friends place and showed me Netsky “Escape” and “Hold Your Colour” by Pendulum and I was blown away. I also remember hearing Invaders Must Die from some friends phone speakers and even though it was breakbeat it had a big impact on me. Then I went to my first rave with my older sister and it was a Mainframe event in the arena Vienna with Prototypes. Funny that I am now part of Mainframe after all these years. crazy how things happen sometimes!

What have you got lined up release wise?

My last EP “The Paradox” is my second EP on Eatbrain and I’m really proud of it. I had amazing reactions from the crowd while playing the title track and others from the EP. And me seeing it resonate with ravers is extra special because I ama  raver at heart too. I also just released a single with SkankandBass and its two tracks I really like as well. I’m happy that people like it so far! I also have my next EP dropping on dispatch and there is more planned with Flexout, blackout and of course Eatbrain in the the near future.

What is your biggest break and the thing you are most thankful for?

I’m most thankful for my fanbase really. In the last couple of months things have really changed for me. I played in many new countries including France in the amazing Le Bikini club in Toulouse. The night was called “The Quiet Office” with the Eatbrain crew and people asked for autographs for the first time. I connected really nicely with the crowd and can’t wait to go back. I also really appreciate moments where people recognise me or are happy to see me. Sometimes it’s hard to see who is really following you or who is really listening to your stuff but it is nice when someone comes up to you to talk or ask for a selfie. It makes me doubt myself less and keeps me going strong.

Who are your current top 5 dnb producers

Right now I would say



Mefjus and Camo and Krooked

The Caracal Project

Urban dawn (we need new music!)

5 isn’t fair haha I need more. I must mention Akov because he inspires me with many non dnb stuff as well. With our Neurobreaks label we founded together with Pluvio and his metal side project Aenigma. He’s an amazing singer and songwriter and plays multiple instruments as well.

If you could collab with anyone would who that be?

I’d love to make a track with Koan Sound to see how they work. Basically all the artists previously mentioned plus plenty more – too many to mention! Imagine a Mick Gordon or Jon Hopkins collab….

Describe your favourite bassline?

Ohh tough one, The Messiah will always be a classic for me. I think this heavily inspired Noisia and the Upbeats on the Dead Limit bassline which I love as well. Love Urban Dawns basslines as well. so organic and yet electronic sounding. Really digging Simula’s new sounds as he goes for that creative technique and that’s what I try to do as well, Skantia does these huge basslines and another shout is Mofes.


What is the the weirdest experience a show and has anything gone wrong before?

Well strange experiences I have had tons of them. It’s a rave, lots of people on various substances hahah. I did have a guy ask me to play techno once hahah. Most shows are fine, a few bad transitions in the mix or stopping the wrong deck before but nothing too bad.

Where do you see the sound of dnb evolving too?

I think it will keep surprising me, taking influence  from new emerging genres like it does now. I’m pretty sure we will have a new sub genre revolving around the 4×4 groove. It’s 100% gonna change and some people will like that and some not. I hope it keep evolving while also keeping the old school elements and vibes alive as well. We will see, either way I’m excited to be part of it.

What is one tip for aspiring dnb artists?

I’d say be patient as it doesn’t happen overnight even when it looks like it does. Make connections and meet people. Get out of your shell and importantly make lots of music with like minded people. Do things that make you happy. There are weeks I might be playing more video games than music but most of the time the biggest consistency in my life is sitting in front of a pc making tunes.  I even make music when I am sick sometimes,. I think you need to stay dedicated If you love doing music. Having something to listen to that you created that makes you happy, I can promise you that this energy will transfer to other people and with time you will be where you want to be. No matter what your family tell you about making it, anything can be achieved with time and your own pace, never doubt yourself.

Thanks to Screamarts for a great interview. Below you can find some links to his music!

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