Section 63 – Ghost Mode/Airborne – Attik Productions

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Reviews, Spotlight, Tunes

Easy there DnB Heads!  Got a release from a label I haven’t covered yet on here, Attik Productions.  This label is run by my good friend DJ E who has been in the game as long as we can remember and has had regular radio shows on Rude FM, Kool and has played events like Renegade Hardware.  That means his knowledge of all things dark and dirty is not to be reckoned with so by running his own label he can pick the absolute filth and feed it straight into our veins.


So this release is by Section 63, an artist who’s had other released on Attik, namely Another World and Shades of Green.  He’s also had releases on Mute:8, Subtrackt and Future Sickness Records.  


Lets open with the first track, Ghost Mode.  A really cool atmospheric intro which is kind of akin to a pulsing radar device as a soldier is trying to go stealth through the undergrowth to surprise the enemy, that’s the vibe I’m getting anyway and you can almost hear dogs barking in the background as if to say their location has been detected by animals.  Probably have that completely wrong but it’s definitely what I picture when I hear this.  When the tune drops, it has a strong, simple but driven beat and real techy sounds and dark and dirty bassline, you can tell my man E picked this one out!


Next up is Airborne.  This one has sounds like electronic pre-flight checks happening inside your ears with heavy distortion and messed up frequencies.  All sounding wicked, especially when that drum beat kicks in halfway through the intro.  Coooorrrr when it drops though it is a real nasty, gritty roller with those wicked frequencies still layered over the top to keep you on track.  A real head nodder and a disgustingly bass heavy track that just punishes you in a good way.


Wicked release Section 63, one to be proud of, this one will decimate the clubs for sure.  


Make sure to click the art below to take you to the pre-save/purchase page, this release is out Friday 27th October on Attik Productions.  Check the rest of their back catalogue as there’s been some great releases.  As per usual there are clips below that!



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