Imprint – Sensation (Plush Recordings)

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In a world full of fist pumping and festival synths, Plush Recordings has been dwelling in the underground, representing a world full of deep rolling bass lines and abstract drum patterns for many years. With the latest release from Imprint, I can tell you that this is right in line with what you would expect to hear from this unique label. Leeds, England based artist Jon Seath (Imprint) has been making some moves over the last year or two, having releases on Liquid Brilliance and Atmomatix. This time he has teamed up with Plush to show what he is capable of in style and technical ability. Soulful vocals complimented by soothing pianos build to a classic sounding jungle roller with “Sensation”. The breaks are bouncy and atmospheric, with old school broken beat culture vibes running through the whole track. I am a sucker for tunes with big switch ups and intelligent drum lines and sampling, yet through out the whole track you still get the entire feeling that was intended, with out over complicating it. The other tune on this release is Out of Time, that equals in coolness and depth, giving you catchy hip hop samples and a sub heavy rolling bass line. You really can’t go wrong in scooping up both of these, This one is for the deep heads. Buy it and play it LOUD!!

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release info:
LABEL: Plush Recordings
ARTIST: Imprint
TITLE: Sensation / Out of Time
GENRES: Drum & Bass
RELEASE DATE: 2016-09-19

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