Serum – Black Metal EP [Horizons]

by | May 25, 2017 | Tunes

As if we couldn’t stop talking about Serum this week… who am I kidding I’ll never stop talking about him. I’ve had the hardest time not playing his tunes for the last few years and if you ask me, new or old they pretty much all hold the test of time. Personally never been a fan of Dread recordings, probably never will be. Just not my cup ya’ know? But Serum’s remix of Special Technique was a god damned tune.

Black Metal seems to be a more defined revisit to things like his ‘Bullfighter’ and ‘Hungry Tiger’ remixes. I’m cool with it. It definitely isn’t my most favorite stylings the producer has pushed but this one has a little more bounce a little more funk than the likes of its predecessors. Something I can definitely get down to. Tune so large it gets the large player. This one will be seeing some wallet time.

Black Metal

‘Ramparts’ not so much. I’m sure that its some ones steez. Talk about super funky. Everything sounds different in a mix and a dancefloor so I would give it a try one time personally. But for me, the momentum is just barely there. This is one of those tunes if I play it on repeat long enough it will eventually grow on me as I mentally try to beat match it with tunes I have also mentally stored. *starts humming Mr. Happy*
I’ll give everything the rinse once, you should too. But sure to catch this release, vinyl and digital available sometime in June!


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