Serum – Earth Rot EP [Souped Up]

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Tunes

Sound the alarm and definitely man your battle stations, contrary to popular notion. The hot button for all the latest exports in Drum And Bass Jungle music was prehending some sound that I literally have been waiting on for far too long. A few years over due accompanied by Serum’s latest bits complete this three track extended play that is out now on Souped Up.

Earth Rot EP, Serum – Souped Up

Afore I become exceedingly heady about the title tune, Ripped Open deserves your full attention. That tardy 90’s jungle momentum is back and Serum is the champion. The man has placed his signature on just about every sub-genre of drum and bass this year alone, proving time and time again that sound does not have to be intricate in order for it to be preferable. Rolling from zero into what can only be described as gorilla bass stabs, so large any mans would puff up their chest. Cart this weapon.

Ripped Open, Serum – Souped Up

Okay, title bout. Earth Rot has been on my Christmas list since Logan D and Evil B did the last HBS mix. Captain Serum; underwater sub marine navigating deep space to grab some of these atmospheric soundscapes. Laser beams and radar sweeps allows the leader of ceremonies to seek and destroy any waste man. The conclusion of this piece is to friendly remind the jungle drum and bass community to buy this release, make no mistake.

Earth Rot, Serum – Souped Up

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