Serum Presents: Extra Blunts EP [Philly Blunt]

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Tunes

Sadly this release flew well under my radar. If it wasn’t for Christina Tamayo, and “Phenomenon” getting the rinse at Chicago’s DNBID party this past weekend it very well could have stayed that way. One of my personal favourites from this vinyl and digital release. Now owning this entire release I feel confident enough to let the towns people of Best Drum And Bass know, what exactly the good word is.

Serum – Phenomenon feat. Trigga (Part 2)

Phenomenon gwaaan this is a tune. Those bongos on percussion, Trigga on the vocals. ‘Control-The-Dancefloor 101’ textbook says you play this bit. Extra large player for the extra large tuna, you know the score. Serum, versatile in production will ultimately never disappoint. If anything, he is forever defining this particular kind of sound. This big drum, big bass, rolling with a hint of a jungle. This ‘Part 2’ to the storytelling venture of drum and bass is the perfect dancefloor switch.

Heist – 90% Rusk VIP

Now me personally, I’m not that big a fan of heist. His older stuff most definitly. But I’m finding it harder and harder to get into his tunes, especially the really jump-up(esk) stuff. But the beauty lies in the simple fact that I don’t have to like everything he does. However, Rusk’s VIP is something I enjoy very much. Big drum, big bass. Keep it that way Jim for all of our sake. To catch the rest of this release featuring the legedary Firefox and Serum’s tune with Navigator you can grab the EP down below and make sure you let us know at Best Drum And Bass how you feel about this release in the comment section below!

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