Serum – VIP EP [Souped Up Records]


Rollin’ deep and low with my weekly review, this EP serves up 4 superbly enhanced rollers which ‘soup up’ some already massive tunes. Take a look at what’s on the menu today.

Structurally matched to the original Serum’s “Lumberjack VIP” builds in unison but hold your breath as it drops the snare gives way to a big blast of deep, bouncy bass! This tune gets the VIP treatment and an extra boost of energy with a beefier, more upbeat bassline and overall thicker sound. A fresh high end shaker carries through the song adding a bit more of a jungle feel  to this roller. Solid and clean this tune is fun to mix and will keep the floor moving!

Next up on Serum’s “Lumberjackin” Inja lends his wicked smooth lyrical flavor get the crowd skankin’ and  ‘lumberjackin’. Crank up the volume and let the beats take over!! This is a perfect selection to hype the crowd and build positive energy on the dance floor; it’s all about sharing the love of the music.

When MC Bassman’s “Heavy and Dark” hit in late 2018 we saw a mix from Serum and another from Bou & Simula but anyone paying attention knew that wasn’t all that was out there. Clips of Serum dropping this VIP in live sets had already surfaced leaving listeners anticipating if this version would be available to the masses! Just a few short months later, praise the bass gods, here it is! Serum’s VIP enters with a crisp vibe to this highly versatile tune. High end bleeps and bloops cut in over the tap of the hi-hat from the get go setting the tone for the intensity to come. MC Bassman calls attention to the carnage about to ensue with the phrases “HEAVY AND DARK” and “You’re now in tune to the teacher”.  Serum indeed gives us a lesson teasing in the sinister bassline as an insane drum roll pounds faster and harder to attack the drop. In my opinion this is by far the heaviest and darkest version yet! The deep, rolling, mutant bassline cries out blended superiorly below a lively, buoyant cut of extra thick bass. There’s no way anyone can sit still when this comes on, the amount of fire in this tune will keep the dance floor buzzing from start to finish you can bet on that!

To round out the release Serum’s mix of MC Bassman’s ‘Heavy and Dark’ gets a heafty lyrical addition from Carasel in the full vocal mix adding some extra spice to the dark side of this tune. Check out what he’s got to say and get your full copy of the EP available now:


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