Serum & Voltage – Souped Up [Souped Up]

by | May 18, 2017 | Tunes

Sadly this isn’t mission control, but at least I can finally now put to rest the comments on all the other Voltage and Serum articles I’ve published. 8-bit has finally seen a release on this brand new digital imprint titled “Souped Up”.

The final installment to the HBS mix series featuring Evil B and Logan D of Low Down Deep featured ‘8-bit’ along with a few others like “Mission Control” well over a year ago, another Voltage and Serum collaboration I’ve been waiting for for a really really long time.

I have actually seen some of my friends take interest in this release and they normally don’t venture into the sounds of this field so does that mean we are headed into this new generaltion of sound? I’m with it as long as it rolls. 8-Bit is the perfect amount of bit-crush, big drum big bass sound. It literally gets a 10/10 or a BDNB 5 Star righting simply because all of those are my favorite things ever. Anything that remotely sounds video game influenced has me like..


Gunfingers is what I would catagorize in something I would call a ‘healthy roller’. It rolls right from the start. Keeping it simple, well maintained. Who said anything about music having to be complex to be enjoyable? Just enough aggression to not scare anyone away, but quite possibly put a grin on your face… 3rd-degree gurns if you will. So bouncy and right up my alley, as I’ve been replacing old T>I tunes with new ones, Serum is about to get the same treatment. I suggest you update your arsenal as well. Pre-order this release.


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