Setting The Standard On Super Groups Is No Problem For Problem Central

by | Jul 16, 2018 | News, Spotlight

Eight post meridiem, London city scene. An absolute bombshell hit Facebook from the Problem Central facebook fan page. MCs Evil B and Eksman, Producers and DJs both Logan D and Majistrate complete this super group and believe me when I say this is the super group to end all super groups. Jump Up Drum And Bass has an absolutely massive following and twenty eighteen was huge for some of the best labels in the game right now with quality of productions. Everything that has been coming out on Subway Soundz, Sweet Tooth and of course the meca Low Down Deep has been top notch productions and any other sister label involved. Be sure to peep there latest video and the website from Problem Central and get yourself familiar. The tunes coming out on Low Down Deep and sister labels this year alone have been setting the bar, a bar some people just can’t hurdle. The Dominator VIP EP and Ego Trippin Album in its entirety. The Bassface Sascha title tune Obey out on Subway Soundz. Pay very close attention to the moves that have been made in the wakes of twenty nighteen.

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