Shadows – Midnite/Swallow [Sixteen Step Records]

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Tunes

Meeting the future head on is a central tenet in drum and bass; Sixteen Step Records stays true to this, even making their motto, “A platform for forward thinking underground music.” With their latest release, Midnite/Swallow by Shadows, they further cement this legacy of pushing the underground in completely new directions.

“Midnite” is a deep and moody liquid roller; it begins with a piano motif, atmospheric synths, and ethereal vocals that slowly swirl together until the rhythm drops in. The rhythm itself is incredibly smooth and accompanied perfectly by the swirling undertones that dot the landscape of the track. The hypnotic piano motif echoes and leads us back into the main section of the track, as it rolls on seamlessly and makes you wish it would never end.

“Swallow” begins with a repetitive click backed by atmospheric effects, brooding until the perfectly manicured beat slams in. As all of this coalesces, the bass line sneaks in without warning and launches the track into its heavy form. As the track continues, the techy layers of cymbals/hi-hats materialize to add even more depth to this track; these intricate layers enable it to bounce between mellow vibes and intense pacing, which only makes the impact of the track harder.

All in all, this is an excellent release that showcases a truly unique style of production that is rarely seen and much needed. Don’t waste any time and scoop this one up ASAP!


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