Shanks ‘Skull & Bones EP’ [ProgRAM]


The anonymous US drum and bass duo Shanks strikes again returning to ProgRAM with the ‘Skull & Bones EP’ showcasing versatility in style and sound that’s sure to shake up the scene once more. Seeing great success from their debut, ‘The Outer Limits EP’ on ProgRAM last fall, (check out that review here), Shanks has surged into the spotlight but is here not to be seen but to be heard for the music this impeccably talented duo creates. Let’s go all the way in to the ‘Skull and Bones EP’ from Shanks out now on ProgRAM.


Shanks comes together with AFK in “Lose Me” creating a dynamic piece of music bound to cause a ruckus on the dance floor. Dramatic synths stalk the build as a saga unfolds flowing steadily as the vocal commands control of the intro. Poetic thoughts tumble along as the rhythm builds steadily to the drop. “Lose Me” explodes into angry emotion as thunderous sounds shred; banging, breaking and switching with no end in sight. “Lose Me” is full of attitude as Shanks slips genre bending style into this fresh and funky track.


A smooth build swells and breaks allowing Armanni Rein to take center stage with a dominate verse that flips ”Born Ready” straight into the drop. Shanks delivers deviously designed basslines that growl and screech, sprawling through the measures as the beats blast their own path; breaking and twisting amidst vocal snippets with jungle inspired effects and harmonic melodies intertwined with the darkness. Armanni bursts through once more with a flow as fierce as wildfire hyping the vibe and pumping the crowd leaving them calling for a reload.


Vibrant sounds climb from the deepest trenches, faint yet fierce, ticking like a time bomb set to detonate at the drop. For “Skull & Bones” Shanks blew through all the stops launching a weapon of mass destruction into the DJ world. Punchy rhythms flow with an ultra funky industrialized flare, rugged and relentless with forward thinking bass design that brings the bounce and snap to energize the track. “Skull & Bones” carries astonishing artistry as it meticulously murders the mix. The future of drum and bass is now!

‘95 DUB

Showcasing yet another side of their diversified style Shanks has the jungle vibes flowing right out the gate on “’95 Dub” as the drums take control and continue to roll through the build enticing instant action on the dance floor. Spiraling into the deepest depths of dnb wobbling basslines bellow and roar as the rhythm rides on hitting perfection with every beat. Distinctive variation in bass design paired with that old school jungle vibe in “’95 Dub” gives new direction to this sound and one thing is for sure is we need more of Shanks around!

Grab your copy of Shanks ‘Skull & Bones EP’ out now on ProgRAM




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