Shanks ‘The Outer Limits EP’ [ProgRAM]


Fresh on the scene this week comes the first ever EP from Shanks and they are comin in extra hot on ProgRAM. Evident experience in electronic music pours from this LA based duo that plan to remain anonymous with the objective of pushing the focus toward the music they produce rather than who they happen to be. Shanks is sure to grab some hefty attention regardless of their identities with their all out assault in sound design that’s certainly raising the bar as we dive deep into the dark trenches of drum and bass with ‘The Outer Limits EP’.

Sound the alarm! Bone chilling sirens wail with dark dismay heating up the build, twisting the tension to the extreme as the kicks join the escapade in search of “The Outer Limits”. Beastly yet balanced basslines stutter, womp and roll amidst beats that pummel and pop with precision as they meld with deep dubby sounds boiling over the top. Pristinely placed vocal samples steady the vibe as Shanks pushes the limits with intelligent sound design. A stellar pick for those who like to layer and blend “The Outer Limits” adds volume to the mix conjuring tones to bend the sounds through smooth transitions with wicked vibrations.

“My Level” grabs your soul with the first beat engulfed in deep, dark, warm pads and effects that float through the build harmonizing with a seriously wicked beat. This track twinkles in its own special way there’s no denying the power that flows through this composition. A heavy jungle influence is evident in the overall vibe; the drop detonating with so much force it’s insane!! Dangerous density in the bassline provides potency as it vibrates with vibrantly emulating a grizzly growl and consumes the measures as the beats bang in bewildering fashion. Shanks continue to accentuate the mix with blazing electric harmonies, sensational melodies and sound samples carried through from the intro. Creatively broken beats flip the energy every which way flowing magically, intertwining a sultry softness before the breakdown. Captivating composition will make this an instant favorite for the DJ and dancefloor alike. ”My Level” is fresh yet nostalgic; the perfect blend as Shanks stretches the boundaries of drum and bass with unique style.

Eerie atmospherics pave the way into “The Underground” welcoming punchy beats to the composition as the tension continues to rise. Breathability in the intro leaves all anticipation on the drop. Barreling through the measures screaming, foggy basslines tunnel through the octaves rolling across the beats like butter. The rhythms range bouncing between spacious patterning and thick, burly fills riddled with intense percussive elements lurking amidst the darkness in the bassline. Vocals and effects slap and slice throughout with the most peculiar precision along these wicked vibrations insuring “The Underground” will bring absolute carnage to the dancefloor.

“F K You” kicks off with soft synths that serenade the intro as light beats slowly climb through the build creeping and crawling as they are blasted to bits by ferocious, foggy blasts of bass. “FUCK. YOU”. This one is bursting with jungle flavor, modern intensity with a big boost of OOMPH. Old school vibes pour through authentic beats snapping back through time as the bass bobs back in reply pummeling, pounding and pouncing through the measures in an unreal design. Raw and unfiltered “F K You” is off the chain!! Wild vibes run rampant through this track with an amazingly creative flow. Shanks are coming in hard with ‘The Outer Limits EP’ its best you get to know.

Grab your copy of ‘The Outer Limits EP’ out now on ProgRAM!



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