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Ryan salt is a Norwich based DJ and produced called Shayper. With releases on labels like Serial Killaz, Program and GZ Audio, gaining support from the likes of Serum, ray Keith, Volatile Cycle and Levela to name a few. This release is scheduled on Brighton based label GZ Audio.

Weight Of A Tiny World – The tune starts very minimal with piano chords followed by some light strings. A few violin stabs and glisses around as the strings swell in size and weight as we rise into a distorted vocal before silence. We get a sting of reese bass and a neuro style build which is pretty heavy before a the vocal comes and throws us into the drop. It’s not quite what I first expected. It’s jazzy in feel with a more laid back drum style at the start. There is a wet feel to some sounds too which is cool. The sounds in essence are interesting and expansive with lots of flavour and clearly a lot of work has gone into the construction. Although it wasn’t what I expected I think the way it then evolves keeps you listening. Curiosity if you like. It has an airy feel with a great variety of instrumentation and musicality.

The second drop is a half time affair which still has that jazzy essence to it, It also has elements of funk and soul especially in the make up of some of the synth sounds. There’s a lot of cross genre work here within electronic music as a whole and this makes it unique for sure. There are some pretty exchanges all the way to the end as the drums stop and we end with some instrumental music and a delay rinsed outro synth.

I think there will be some club nights where this could go off well, or perhaps mixed with a heavier tune in a more traditional club setting. It certainly is interesting and fresh with some unique twists and it will do very well on the streaming services I would imagine as it stands out amongst a lot of standard construction tunes.

Zero Error – This starts foreboding with heavy brass stabs. Lots of reverb soaked sounds here and a retro sounding arpegio builds some energy. We build towards the drop which is undercoated with a heavy bassline and which buzzes around and a very grainy style synth which takes up the majority of focus for now.

The vocal hits are cool enough and again there is plenty of musicality in this tune. It’s not my favourite ever kick sound it’s a bit psytrance for me but the beat is heavy and the snare is loud and smashy and the tune bangs.

The choice of a psytrance kick becomes more apparent in the second drop as we go 4 to the floor on the kick drum. It’s got a techno feel to it as well and It is like I’ve been transported to the Cyber dog shop in Camden market…best break out the glow sticks, an ultra violet mankini and some steam punk goggles! It’s not really my cup of tea but I can certainly appreciate it for what it is. I think the first drop was more my style but either way it has lots of elements and is a good listener.

It ends with a lovely bit of drum less instrumentation which is pretty and offers some calm. The production is tight, complex in places and well arranged. Overall it is unique and will stand out as a piece of music that will pull in a crowd from outside of drum n bass as well. Nothing wrong with a bit of electronic unity is there?

The tune Weight of a tiny world has had a premier on Studio Drum and Bass. Check it out below

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Hi I'm Minor Flux. I'm a producer and occasional DJ of dnb. I've been into drum n bass for about 20 years now and producing for around the same time. I used to produce under the alias KS and had releases on labels such as Formation Records, Grand Theft Audio, Abducted LTD and many more. Now under the name Minor Flux for the last couple of years mostly making techy dancefloor and neurofunk styles and a few bits in between.