Shayper – Ingrate VIP / Unchained – Dirtbox Recordings

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Spotlight, Tunes

Calling all DnB heads!  We have the last release from Dirtbox Recordings of 2023 – this one is from Shayper, an artist who has had releases on Ram Records, Serial Killaz, GTA and many more, it is not to be missed!

First up is atrack called Ingrate VIP.  This has a really atmospheric intro which is euphoric and gives you a real sense of something brewing that is going to knock your socks off and that it does!  With a drop that starts with a disgustingly distorted reece that just makes you screw your face into some unrecognisable, you really don’t want the wind to change!  The tune is absolutely filthy and needs to be heard loud, even quiet the thing slaps you across your twisted face and then kicks you in the shins for good measure.  

Next up is a track called Unchained.  This one has a dark rumbling reece which takes you through an intro that has some lovely sampling and starts to set the move with a brilliantly clean simple beat and then some cool vocals that lead you to the build up of the drop which is a wonderfully produced tune that is kind of simple and kind of complex all at the same time.  There’s such a variety of samples and sounds which hit you throughout the tune and help really tell a story.  What a banger!  

So given all we have learned so far from Shaypers release on Dirtbox Recordings it’s clear that you should be getting this downloaded and played now!

The release is out TODAY, the 18th December 2023, get it locked in!


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Absolute D&B nut! Love any type of Drum & Bass really but Neuro is my main passion. I got into D&B back in around 2004 where I started going raving, I then discovered heavier D&B in the form of Renegade Hardware nights in London which I attended almost every one for several years. Having developed my listening style with how the music has evolved I love the freshest tunes as well as the old ones! I've been mixing for fun since around 2005 and just love playing in front of people and sharing the music with likeminded people.