Shy FX & Mr. Williamz “Gideon’s Charge” feat. KINGH [Digital SoundBoy]

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Shy FX has done it again.

Looking for a tune that will fill the dance floor and have people asking “Track ID?” Maybe a track that will move your mind, body, and soul? Once again Shy FX has delivered with another drum and bass heater. If you haven’t given “Gideon’s Charge” by the OG legend a listen, you have been missing out. It’s got smooth vocals from the one Mr. Williamz and electrifying intro by KINGH. This is one of those tracks that hooks you from the beginning and has no intention of letting go.

Always a legend

Shy FX is known for creating and perfecting infectious, high-energy tunes, and “Gideon’s Charge” is no exception. Cue Mr. Williamz with the effortless flow and KINGH’s seamless vocals, it takes that classic UK sound to a whole new level with a fresh twist.

Don’t fight it, just dance

As soon as the track drops, you’re hit with a feeling and a vibe that is impossible to ignore. The driving beat will have your body bouncing to the rhythm isntantly, with an almost hypnotic bass line rumbling beneath and shaking the foundation below. The bass weaves and bobs through the track, creating a beautifully complex and ever-evolving sound. The breakbeat, with perfectly placed accents and rhythms, adds yet another layer of complexity to this, keeping the listener on alert for what’s next.

OG Status

It’s no surprise, considering Shy FX is a certified legend in the game, with a long list of massive tracks to his name and a reputation for crafting tunes that make you shake your body. Throughout his career, Shy FX has remained true to his roots while constantly pushing the boundaries of drum and bass. He’s been dropping countless tracks recently that shine, and this one just takes it to the next level.

“Gideon’s Charge” demands your attention with its contagious rhythm, lifting you up with a lyrical content that doesn’t hold back.


This track demands to be heard and it’s worth every bit of hype.


It’s guaranteed to get you moving, no matter where you listen to it. Crank it up in the car, have a private concert for your cat, or load it up for the next track – this one is going to be stuck on repeat and I’m sure your neighbors will love it.

Look out for this track on June 7th 2024 with the highly-anticipated project “Rudeboy Design Soundtape” set to be released on Shy FX’s own label “Digital Sound Boy”.

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