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Over the past few years since I first discovered Silence Groove, he’s gradually made his way onto my list of buy-on-sight artists. With a dense discography spanning a wide range of labels and styles, every release has something worth dropping in a set. This recent four track outing is no exception as he returns to a label that’s hosted a veritable A-list of drum & bass producers during the course of its storied history. Let’s take a dive into the “Venture EP” by Silence Groove, available now from ThirtyOne Recordings.

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About the tunes…

We start off this adventure with the title track “Venture”. Right off the rip, the shuffling percussion groove lays the ground work for a buildup to a heavy roller. The main drums come in, and we’re still ramping up energy here with spacy synth layers that start of droning and gradually make their way into classic hoover territory.

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In today’s market of fast mixing and intros that are 32 bars or less, the value of building a vibe on the track has not been lost on Silence Groove. He’s done well to preserve it on this tune as well as many of his previous compositions. Without hesitation, the main drop kicks in a deep rolling bass while everything else backs out, leaving room for another progression as the tune moves along. Supported by dark growling mid-bass and a reprise of sounds from the intro, this one is a great blend of vibe and energy.


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Mixing up the flow, the track “Feel” immediately takes hold with the Amen pressure. Playing around with switching breaks and some throwback bass and samples, it’s hard to deny the pure jungle influence in this tune. Nothing cheesy here though… every element is intentional tastefully incorporated  into a track that sits well among almost any type of set or playlist. The breakdown on this one provides a lovely intermission with a lighter feel and a chance to settle into a more predictable groove for the outro. But don’t get too comfortable, this tune still rides heavy right through the end.


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“Offset” might start off sounding like the typical roller but trust, this tune is anything but ordinary. Once again, Silence Groove manages to meld together sounds and rhythms from contrasting styles. You’d be hard pressed to not reminisce over the early days of tech step, but as with some of his other productions we get a healthy dose of something nostalgic and familiar wrapped in a technique that doesn’t feel at all antiquated. It’s got all the creepy goodness we’ve come to expect from tunes like this, blended with percussion layers that gracefully dip in and out of the mix to keep the vibe engaging.


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We close with the tune “Biter” and a return to the long buildup. Sticking with the theme of deep and sinister twisted up with a rolling vibe, the track gets down to business once the bass kicks in. It is perhaps a bit more minimal than the prior three cuts but it still has plenty of tricks in store. From bass stabs and sweeping laser sounds to rhythmic synths and chorus-laden cymbal washes, you’ll get carried away by this tune before you have a chance to realize what happened.

To wrap it up…

All in all, the “Venture EP” is a no-nonsense release from a no-nonsense label. We couldn’t think of a more fitting home for this four track composition, but don’t let this solitary release paint a picture of everything Silence Groove has to offer. With releases and remixes on many other labels including but not limited to Secret Operations, Fokuz Recordings, Soulvent Rrcords and Hospital Records, along with a grip of self-released music, his consistent output over the past decade most certainly has contributed to the development of his unique sound and style. Be sure to go grab this release ASAP, and check out the links below for his monthly podcast plus other tunes you might have missed out on.




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