Sindicate ‘Listen Up/Smack In The Face’ [Neuropunk Records]

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Reviews, Tunes

Neuropunk Records keeps crankin’ the heat UP searing the scene with release after release of relentless, furious DNB. Next up for the lovers of the hard hitting funk Sindicate brings a mean release that will sizzle in DJ sets and stand out in the playlists because “Listen Up” and “Smack In The Face” are pure drum and bass business!


An ominous beat brings immediate attention to the build with an atmosphere so thick you could slice it with a knife. Vicious vocalizations riddle the mix as the drop brutally blasts in. Chunky bursts of bass accompany thick snares and wicked kicks as the energy amplifies stronger, spiraling a hectic high end contrast into the mix. “Listen Up” brings the fury front to back keeping the dance floor hyped for a drum and bass attack!


A cinematic build eases into the mix with exuberant synths and an overall eeriness that grows, stomping low as the drop approaches with little warning for a literal “Smack In The Face”! Brutal basslines sprawl through the composition with a roaring, rigid rumble as the beats blast in pulverizing fashion, the melody creeping as it seeps through the mix as the room begins to spin. Marching through the measures Sindicate continues to deliver hit after hit, “Smack In The Face” is a necessary weapon for the 2024 artillery!

Grab these two powerhouse tracks from Sindicate on Neurpunk Records by CLICKING HERE!

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