Sinister Souls & Finalfix – Omnigod [Hanzom Music]


Hello, today Hanzom Music  presents the latest release by Sinister Souls & Finalfix. An amazing collaboration brought to us by two great artists. The track is titled Omnigod and it is rockn’. They shared a bit of a back story with us along with the release.

The Back Story

“Legend has it that somewhere in the ruins of a forgotten city an ancient golem has been asleep for millions of years, recharging and collecting the immense amount of life force it needs to fulfill its monumental tasks. It is said that when the golem awakens from its slumber, waves of energy will be felt throughout the world. It will hold the power to terraform and create new lifeforms, to bend time and space, but also to destroy.

Many travelers of the drum and bass realm have tried to find this ancient city but nobody ever succeeded. Until something changed. One day, waves of energy started pulsating all over the world, calling all lifeforms with an inexplicable yet primitive way of communicating. Having heard about the tale of the Omnigod, Sinister Souls and Finalfix teamed up to follow the waves to their source in order to find the lost city and the golem. Find out what happens when they arrive.”.

I had a chance to ask Finalfix a couple of questions about the release.

Q: How did you guys decide to collab?

A: Back in 2011/2012 I was in this Dubstep Rotterdam Facebook group among a bunch of other Dutch producers. I was really shit at drum and bass back then and I remember the group leader saying he managed to have a track from Sinister Souls on the album. I remember it being big news and it blew everyone away. Now, 10 years later, Rene from Hanzom Music asked me if I was down to work with Sinister Souls on a collab, I was like HELL YEAH! So I sent Fred the first sketch of the tune. He liked it and finished it up on his computer.

Q: How long did it take to complete?

A: It happened really really fast. My sketch was made in a couple of hours, and Fred finished it up in a short time as well. I worked on the base of the tune, like the drums and some of the basses, also the key. Fred turned it into a worthy tune.

Omnigod is available for purchase and streaming on most platforms here.


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