Skantia-Dreams[RAM Roecords]

by | Apr 30, 2022 | Tunes

Hello to all our Drum and Bass fans! I am presenting to you today Dreams by the UK based Producer Skantia. From 2017 Skantia has been bringing his style up to par with some the latest up and coming artist. Releasing early works on the label Nemesis Recordings and going on to RAM Records over the years. He’s thrown down some hefty remixes also for other names in the scene like Hoax and Gydra. And has collaborated with some like Bladerunner and AC13. Some great talent is being shown through the sound he brings to the track. A more modern sounding Drum and Bass that keeps the people moving.

Dreams by Skantia is a trip through a sonic soundscape and heavy bass rhythms. Arps and mystifying atmospheric pads are backed by tension building drums. The intro drops into twilight with a lucid like drum pattern. Sub and melodies send you deeper into the dreamland. Airy and smooth vocal echoes through tunnel like spaces with plucky synths at the break. The drop delivers more melodic mid range bass expression of a dream like state. An eerie yet captivating feeling in a song with a fast paced rhythm that blends one dream into the next. Released on the 13th of this month Dreams is now available to stream down below and for purchase here.

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