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by | Mar 27, 2024 | Spotlight

This week on, we’re shining the spotlight on an artist who’s not only pushing the boundaries of the Neurofunk scene in the USA but is also trailblazing a path for female producers in the world of drum and bass. Skellytn has risen to prominence as one of the most influential figures in American Neurofunk. As the first female producer to release a Drum & Bass album in North America with 2022’s “Neurocomputer” on Reid Speed’s Play Me Records, and breaking ground as the first woman to release on the neurofunk titan label Eatbrain, Skellytn’s journey from the vibrant LA underground scene to the national stage is nothing short of inspiring. Her education at the renowned Los Angeles production school Icon Collective has armed her with the prowess to craft groundbreaking beats that resonate across dance floors and festivals nationwide.

Skellytn’s influence stretches far beyond the studio. She has captivated audiences at some of the largest festivals in the country, including Escape Halloween, Lost Lands, Forbidden Kingdom, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Bass Canyon, proving her mettle as a formidable force behind the decks. Her collaborations and tours with industry giants like Subtronics, Boogie T, and Riot Ten underscore her versatility and broad appeal in the bass music community. As a key figure in the USA’s Neurofunk scene, Skellytn’s releases on esteemed labels such as Bassrush, Sable Valley, Ram Records, Drama Club, and more, have not only showcased her exceptional talent but also her commitment to elevating the genre. The Skellytn Corporation’s ambitious vision for the future promises to bring even more innovative sounds to the forefront of the drum and bass scene.

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