Sketi – Free To Fly/Lets Go [Future Followers Records]


This week we get to take look at some magical drum and bass heat from UK breaks connoisseur Sketi. Known for his skill at producing breaks, Sketi is no stranger to crafting some exquisite drum and bass and his Free To Fly/Lets Go single on Future Followers Records is a prime exemplar of his prowess.

Free To Fly opens with perfect dancefloor vibes; vibey pads with piano chords on top of it giving it a nice atmosphere to accompany Ashlea’s soulful lyrics. With the perfect setup, this soulful track features a classic vibe with a strong rolling bass with some viscerally pleasant fat drums with shuffling percussion that give it a good fast pace to the music. With a strong foundation, Ashlea’s vocals soar alongside quick piano chords pulling together a masterpiece.


However, coming to the B-side we get some serious filth with Lets Go. With perfect juxtaposition from Free To Fly, Lets Go starts with heavy vibes right of the bat with menacing synths and brass. Things get down to business quickly, blasting off with a resounding “Lets Go!”. Heavy basslines that high like slashes from a chainsaw fit perfectly together with the shifting drums and fast-paced percussion, making this track feel like a sledgehammer to the face. This one is sure to tickle the fancy of any fan of neurofunk.


If you haven’t heard Sketi’s drum and bass skills, then this is the perfect introduction to his work. From soulful dancefloor vibes to hard-hitting neuro, this is a single you do not want to miss out on. Grab your copy today!



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