Skrimor – Boogie Woogie/Club Girl [Evolution Chamber]

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Skrimor – Boogie Woogie/Club Girl [Evolution Chamber]

Welcome! Join us today with some Q and A. We have the artist lay down some details about Skrimor – Boogie Woogie/Club Girl [Evolution Chamber]. Evolution Chamber has long been committed to fostering a collaborative platform. Now they welcome a new artists into their fold, Skrimor. The Polish-based Belarusian producer has already made an immediate mark on the scene this year. Following his successful releases and remixes, not to mention The Rave Feeling on Transmissions Pt. 2, it’s only fitting to see him take center stage with his debut release on the label. Skrimor is poised to be a prominent figure on the label and within the world of Drum & Bass in the years to come. Lets get into the Q & A!

Q & A with Skrimor


Q: Skrimor is a cool name. How did it come about?

A: Honestly it was a big challenge to pick up the name. I had about a hundred options. And my first release was on Axon which is led by Nick Bee. So eventually he influenced me so much and helped me to pick up this one. I think it means nothing. It’s just a cool word which combines “scream” because I do a lot of FM synths. And as I am Slavic I needed to change “C” to “K” to make it more authentic. The “OR” makes it more wicked. So basically it is how to make the word “scream” more Slavic. And yes my reference also was “Skrillex”, if you will. I identify with this person so much and Skrill is a real hero for me.

Q: I really like this Boogie Woogie track. It has a familiar vibe yet retains originality. What was the inspiration for this track?

A: In my childhood I heard the song Boogie Woogie so many times. In kindergarten and even in primary school kids were dancing to this song. The teacher of music or dancing class was playing on the accordion, and singing at the time. But the shakes of this dance was so funny and stupid, as this motive in a song boogie woogie was like a virus. And I reminded myself how cool it would be to make a jump up track with that line. I’ve tried to make it as weird as I can in that particular case. I made some weird vibe I felt about this funny and silly song. I’ve never done a jump up tune like at 100%. Very often I drop in the DAW my favorite jump up tune and start to create my own, but every time I end with a neuro one.

Q: I like the artwork because it gives a 50’s era theme style and vibe. What made you decide on that?

A: There is something special about that age. I like American posters and advertising of that era. I found it interesting how people and artists saw the world. And how they created the dreams and image of happiness, with family, man, woman and everything. And sometimes if you change just one element it is getting weird immediately. I think I am a big fan of aesthetics of that period, and at the same time under these sweet covers you could see something really evil. This cover was my attempt to make an alternative world, just to change a few elements of this ideal and sweet aesthetic of pop art.

Q: If you could remix any track from the Evolution Chamber library, which one would you choose?

A: I would do a remix on falling, but after Audio it doesn’t have any sense I believe. So another tune I am pissing my pants about is the Trail of Tears. And I don’t have any idea on that because it’s a masterpiece by itself. So it would be a huge challenge for me.

Q: When is your next release?

A: I can’t tell any specific dates, but what can I say that I am working hard on a new material. I also have some works in progress on several other labels too. I have a lot of material and I believe there’s gonna be so many releases this and next year.


This is a double A-side single that combines jump-up and mainstream Drum and Bass with his unique Neuro twist. Do not miss out on Skrimor’s debut on one of todays best labels. Buy and Stream here!

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