SLK – Impulse [SLK Recordings]

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Tunes

Straight out of the Russian Drum and Bass scene, DJ Lion has been carefully curating and helping develop D&B within the Russian motherland since 2006. While Russian D&B might not be as prevalent within the U.S. scene, SLK as a label and entity has been responsible for numerous events in Russia and collaborations with DJ SS, LTJ Bukem, State of Mind, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Nu:Tone, MC Stamina, and a few more artists you wouldn’t expect. Under the SLK name, SLK Recordings recently dropped what could be called the “theme song” of their collective and debuted “Impulse.”

Unlike USDNB, “Impulse” utilizes melody focusing more on rhythm and bass with a lower focus on synth. While average D+B conventions can be found within the refrains, SLK and crew take advantage of dank and dark bass sounds to create a reverberating and exhilarating warehouse experience from the comfort of your stereo. While desert residents like myself cannot attest to any recent trips to our Eastern DNB brethren-in-arms, “Impulse” acts as the perfect theme for an artist collective / label who prides itself on the development of Drum + Bass within Russia and beyond.

“Impulse” hits a full crescendo near the end of the track as the beat becomes more frantic and the bass bellows down to a low reverberation and calmer synths take over for the midpoint. “Impulse” is not only a masterclass on “dirty warehouse parties 101,” but a true sample for American ears of how the Drum + Bass genre can differ outside of the UK and U.S. respective scenes. While the international scene of the subculture may be small compared to the mechanical House and Techno commercial scenes, “Impulse” is an enticing example of the international sounds and collaborations that bring D+B styles together and set themselves apart. You can play it in a car or basement, but “Impulse” never discriminates where the party should be.

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