Slyten, Las Vegas’s Dubplate Killer

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DJ Slyten is known around the United States for running slongside some of the most prolific jungle/drum & bass crews in the United States, including Dr. FreecloudsTonz of DrumzGhetto LifeN2O Entertainment, Dub Chamber, Freeburning and many more. He thrives on having a solid arsenal of the freshest dubplates around from stateside artists. Hius turntablism and programming skills are off-the-charts and bound to light up any crowd his music touches.

Much Respect to one of the original LA bad boys of drum & bass, Slyten. Tell us a bit about your background, and how you came into drum & bass. 

1994 I got into the music when I was in high school, My good friend back in the days Ralphie gave me a mixtape labeled “Untiled” (R.A.W & DJ Trance) I feel in love once I heard, My first show wasn’t until 96 called Biorhythms at a indoor soccer spot in DTLA. I still remember the line up that night “Crs?, Paulina Taylor Deacon w MC Kemst, Mind Controller, DemiGod, Tony Gamboa ” Back then it was more fun I guess you could say, the vibes the excitement then energy was all thicker. The music was better and everyone went to a “rave” to go rave not sit down and get all fucked up. We went to have a good time a rave it up.

I was always about the “LA Sound the LA Mentality” Hearing R.A.W & Crs? Buying their tapes on Pureacid Mixtapes. I always followed that style , I guess.more North American Jungle.

You’ve been known to run with such crews as Tonz of Drumz, Ghetto Life, Speedkore Militia 667, N2O, and countless others, all of these being key to the development of the Los Angeles drum & bass scene. How did all of these connections shape you into the DJ you are today?

Long time ago I got up Crs? and asked what was a tracklist he had for a mixtape. He said they were pretty much his, r.a.w. abysman (Mictlan) I said shit man if u ever release these please let me know, we chatted it up longer and he said I have these plates for sale, so I bought them and I then asked if he had others, then after he handed me a stack and said make me a mixtape let me see what your really about. I then made a mixtape Titled “Cali Running Shit” He was very pleased, He Then welcomed me into Tonz Of Drumz, Then came good friends w Apx, then he invited into the Ghetto Life cru.

Then about 1998 I was playing a show down in Bell Gardens and N8loc of n2o was there and he heard me drop a lot of n2o tracks and he then put me on digital bombing then asked me to play a instore at Freeburning on Melrose then he pulled me to the side and asked if I would love to join the n2o roster (along side Audio 1, Ddub, Akaider, Ando (the blind monk) , N8 said I can’t pay you but I will hook u up w all new n2o records, then I went on some shows w sound & fury tour and diss da program.

So if ever you hear or heard me play you’ll notice 95% of the tracks I’m playing are North American Jungle or Stateside

You’re also known for dropping the freshest dub plates. What makes you stand out as a favorite? 

Dropping Dubplates is something I’ve loved doing since linking w Crs? and Apx1, they guided me thru my carrier, But also buy dropping and still cutting plates I guess I’ve earned respect from.many producers and often get tracks from them before they put on there site or shoot to labels. I think I have well over 60+ R.A.W. / Bboy3000 / Headhunter Dubplates.  About 40+ General Malice 40+ Crs? ODG and many others and id say about 80% Of My dubs that I’ve cut I have.never heard other djs play..

What is it in your opinion that is/are the most important attribute(s) to a DJ?

Sticking to my gunz still having my own style that being on vinyl, I never play a perfect set I always have a hick up here and there. But sticking to what I know nd being loyal to the game. 

If you could choose one (dream) artist to go back to back with, who would it be? Why?

I’ve gone b2b w many. General Malice, Starscream of Slipknot, Had a hardcore session w The Berzerker,  R.A.W, Mind Controller, Miyuki, Apx1, Crs?, Ers1, Iray,  and many other’s. Just recently had a b2b scratch sessions w DJ Evil.E (Ice T’s DJ and Turntable Assasin) , So I guess if I was ever to go b2b w anyone I guess I would say R.A.W. because last time we did I think was during sound and fury tour and we were just scratching up the place but this time would love to drop heavy jungle.

You’ve never strayed from vinyl. Most can’t do it. What is it about vinyl that keeps you from touching a CDJ?

I respect the art I respect the whole crate digging and still finding that record, I wouldn’t be labeled a DJ if I was mixing Cdjs or a laptop right?

What is your most treasured dub plate?

Would probably be a intro General Malice maid for me w out knowing, or a hardcore track he made exclusively for me called “going out to da hardkore.

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