Smooth – Black Streak [Eatbrain]

by | Oct 4, 2020 | Tunes

This is not a drill, we got some new Eatbrain filth to grime up your ears this lovely week. Returning back to the legendary label with another dirty single is the Slovenian craftmaster Smooth. Almost a year and a half since he graced us with the stomper Monster Inside, Smooth comes back with 2 tasty selections that blend his dancefloor vibes with mind tearing neurofunk.

Black Streak gets the carnage started off right. Dramatic and cinematic would be the best way to describe the intro of this track, moving from quiet singing sythns to glorious horns on a funky beat. But Smooth, you know the track is going to be heavy, and heavy it is. With can only be described as an opera of razor-sharp sythns, this track blasts off into chaos. With heavy breakbeats, buzzing bass, and horns that blast you in the face, this track is pure blazing heat all the way through.

Smooth then takes use a bit down memory lane with Rougher. Invoking mid-2000s sounds, the intro has everything to get hooked: sick bars, classic breaks, and atmospheric pads that paint a beautiful picture. Then with the sound of buzzy reese that continues to rise with the drum, things get kicked into overdrive. With a perfect blend of Moving Shadow type breaks, jungle-like bass, and blazing reese synths, this track is a cornucopia of heavy sound. Just make sure not to break your leg dancing to this one.

Smooth gives us a tasty EP with special sensibility. With a perfect combo of dance floor vibes, classic sound mixed with modern sensibilities, and heavy neurofunk, this single is going to get your heart racing and your ears ringing. Get your copy today!


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