Smooth – Circus [Evolution Chamber]

by | Feb 25, 2023 | Tunes

Welcome friends to a brand new release. Out now on Evolution Chamber is Circus. The second release by Smooth on the label since the debut single Scorpion. He cracks the whip with fury in beginning of 2023 on this one. No time for clowning around as he delivers an outstanding performance of brazen future funk. Smooth entertainingly juggles everything you know about his past work. These vibes here are higher than a tightrope. And he’s doing flips without a safety net. Everyone is familiar with the top level of skill in production from the Slovenian making big waves. And in the coming months of 2023 we are all waiting for more big booming basslines. You could say the show must go on.

Smooth opens Circus with big bass, mystifying piano and bright atmosphere. Incorporating what sounds like bass guitar, clean percussive drums and vocal. This build up is nothing short of intense. A blasting bassline melody is delivered at the drop. Complimented with bright brass and white noise swooshes. The arrangement evolves into an energy driven progression with modulation variety and mid bass sound design that makes the hairs stand up on  the back of your neck. Perfectly places claps and perc hits add to the excitement. Then going into the break we hear a crowd cheering creating the feeling of actually witnessing an amazing show. When you thought the bass couldn’t stand out more we hear how the artist morphs and destroys lower frequencies like a true showman. You can find this brilliant tune and some other exciting listening experiences here.

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